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Weizmann Info Services - a diversified business entity with end-to-end workforce operations across the INDIA. Our strength lies in our ability to provide an integrated, holistic approach for strategic human capital management. Our inherent strength is Manpower supply into unskilled, semi-skilled and skilled with qualitative and quantitative background. We differentiate our services through our unique 360 degree approach to address your every HR needs. We believe in listening to your requirements first before customizing effective and ethical solutions.

In this ever-challenging business climate, Weizmann Info Services blends innovative HR solutions with operational care, to deliver impactful business result. A welcome surge of manpower to reach immediate goals, a pipeline for future hires, and the room to experiment strategic initiatives and longer-term visions with minimal risk.

Our job opportunities inspire and empowers from the pool of fresh graduates to experienced professionals in multiple disciplines of Human Resource, Finance, Information Technology, Procurement, Banking, Oil & Gas, Engineering and much more.

Since the inception, we have always endeavoured that all activities undertaken by the company impact the local, national and global environment; thus conducting all of our business activities through the lens of environmental stewardship.

Our strategy is focused on Operational Excellence, Commercial Prudence, Safety and Sustainability whilst adhering to fundamental principles of discipline, attitude and commitment. We establish and nurture relationships with our clients based on Transparency, Trust and Mutual Respect that are integral to our core value system.



We live in a post-digital age, an era of constant technological change, transforming rapidly the way we live, work and relate to each other. Technology has become an everyday component in our lives; it is the invisible engine that powers the world around us. In a 24/7 economy, clients have different needs. The way they work is changing and this also influences the skills and talent they need. New, digital HR solutions and tools are disrupting our market by drastically changing the way people connect to jobs and the role we play in this space. Clients and candidates expect to be served anywhere, anytime, and through any device, in a way we never imagined possible before, influencing the way we work.

Therefore, Weizmann Info Services is investing heavily in new technologies, making a giant leap forward into the world of tech. We are acquiring external knowledge and expertise through acquisitions and the Randstad Innovation Fund, and innovating through our Digital Factory. It will enable us to shape our new role and ensure our leading position in an industry becoming predominantly digital and data driven.

Where others brace for disruption, we see underlying continuity. Our ongoing journey is not just about digital transformation. While innovative technology will be necessary for connecting clients and candidates in the future, improving our tools is not the end of the story. Offering a seamless digital experience is only the price of entry – what matters most and will have a greater impact than ever before is our unique added value: the human touch we bring to the table. In a fast-changing digital world clients and candidates want a trusted human partner. It is here, at the intersection between technology and humanity, where we can distinguish ourselves from our competitors by delivering a true human experience.