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Weizmann Info Services Pvt Ltd was initially the business consulting vertical of Weizmann Info Services Pvt Ltd . Weizmann Info Services was set up in 2019 to provide support to clients in recruitment, outsourcing and training needs. In more than a decade of existence, it has delivered business solutions to a variety of multinational and domestic clients across industry segments

Weizmann Info Services Pvt Ltd (under the 'weizmannservices Group'), is a full-suite Business Consulting and Management Firm; providing clients with all-round, hands-on support in Building Brands, Businesses and Shareholder value.

Our suites of services include product development strategy, integrated marketing solution, market intelligence, and in-house strategy enabling clients to develop dogmatic solutions to succeed in the ever changing market landscape.

We offer domain expertise to build strategies which provide competitive advantage to the business to empowering it to realize its vision. Our services encompass creating entry strategies and setting up of new brands and businesses as well as consolidation of existing ones and achieving excellence through continuous monitoring and performance management. Acreaty brings on board its own well-researched methodology and frameworks to help in issue identification which can serve as the basis for providing solutions.

We bring the following expertise on board for its clients :

Global expansion

Business excellence

Brand building

India entry strategy

Strategic partnership/JV

Mergers & Acquisitions

Supply chain support

Distribution Network & roll-out


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