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Outsourcing can be defined as the process in which a company handover selected business operation to an expertise firm. The basic motive companies outsource because they seek an efficient output, Proper Business handling and complete management of services under optimized care.

Weizmann Services India is an experienced and performance oriented organization. It offers a wide range of outsourcing options to clients all across the world, and thus this award winning organization comes under the list of top Global Outsourcing companies.

We offer services in following Industry Domains :

1. Sale and Marketing 2. Backend and Data entry 3. Shop promoters and Advertisers 4. Logistics and Supply chain Support 5. Administration Management 6. Finance / Accounts/ Taxation 7. Medical professionals and Equipment 8. Human Resource 9. Engineering and Mining 10.IT consultants and Professionals 11.Healthcare specialists and consultants 12.Management professionals

Manpower Outsourcing

Business market competition is increasing day by day and thus company’s workforce requirements are changing accordingly. People outsourcing is one of the best ways to manage your company’s performance in order to deliver the best projects. In candidate outsourcing, Acreaty India will help your organization in all possible ways of hiring candidates based on your requirements and choices. We are among the best people outsourcing companies in India and offers Weizmann Services offers a single window solution for all process outsourcing requirements. From feildsourcing to generating productivity report, our focus remains on cost optimization. weizmannservices also offers an indigenous employee self-service portal (ESS) where employees can view their details including their salary, tax, policy access and other personal details. It also allows them to initiate HR process.

1.Temporary workforce Solution 2.Permanent Employees 3.Third party payroll candidates

Be it a short term project or a long term business requirement, our HR team will provide only the cream quality and skilled candidates for your organizational needs. Our main focus is to add valuable and mindful professionals for all your business needs. In our past work experiences we have had cater the recruitment needs of top companies efficiently and timely.